Welcome to Fresh Brew Studios Ltd.

Welcome to Fresh Brew Studios Ltd.

Originally, Fresh Brew started as a boutique graphic design and marketing support company based in Singapore, lead by the creative talents of Dorcas Ding, who has over 20 years experience in the domain. Quickly it became apparent, that clients who approached us for support in graphics and branding, were often looking to energize the sales, lead generation and business models. It made sense to us, and to our clients, that the obvious value-add was to approach the business more holistically, and so we began to offer additional management consulting services.

Dorcas still offers full marketing and graphics support while Dr. Noel Moore provides management consulting in a variety of areas related to science (particularly optics), education and e-commerce.

The name comes from the expression "Wake up and smell the coffee", which was an early motto for us which was something clients often told us they needed to do.